"When my wife, Sherie, and I were building our new home in Morro Bay we knew we needed help with the interior design. After talking to us, Patrick was wonderfully intuitive on what we wanted and how to interpret our desires into a beautiful home. He did an exceptional job in translating our general ideas into creative designs. He illustrated ideas with sketches, drawings and drafting, as well as integrating items we wanted to keep in the new design, giving the things we owned new life. His lighting design and the selection of colors throughout the house inside and out were especially outstanding. Not only were we happy with the designs,

"Patrick was invaluable working with our contractor to complete the project. The few problems that arose were quickly and intelligently solved without compromising the design. Sherie and I couldn’t be happier with our new home, which was made even more perfect by Patrick’s knowledge, creativity and eye for detail."
~ Sherie & Terry

"My name is Roland Kessling, the owner of Kessling Construction. I am a General Contractor and have lived in Morro Bay, California for 35 years and have built many custom homes both beachfront and hillsides. I have had the pleasure of working with Patrick Tennant on a custom home project in the area and cannot say enough great things about Patrick and his abilities as a designer. Patrick was completely thorough in his designs with renderings, details and fresh ideas. One of his attributes that I appreciated completely was his willingness to listen and his flexibility with constructive changes and recommendations I made based on construction practices. Many things in construction have various approaches to achieve the desired outcome. Some things can result in the same end product, but can be accomplished less expensively. Patrick has great knowledge and foresight and the ability to visualize the necessary details. His color schemes, textures and patterns are creative and refreshing. His ability to work closely with the clients and transfer their wishes into reality is unsurpassed. The only down side I have is that I did not have the pleasure of working with Patrick on the many previous projects I constructed. He made my job very pleasurable and I would recommend Patrick to anyone looking to construct a project either commercial or residential."
~ Roland Kessling, Kessling Construction

"Working with Patrick has been just great. His taste is impeccable and his attention to detail amazing. The best thing is he has ideas that are really unique but make complete sense for the space. He is also very flexible and listens to all our ideas. We would recommend his services to anybody."
~ L & R

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